Fred Wilson Owner of Capitis Real Estate

Fred Wilson Owner of Capitis Real EstateFred Wilson is an expert in the process of helping people to buy and sell real estate property. He knows from vast, firsthand experience what it takes to succeed in the day-to-day trenches of the real estate sales. A licensed, practicing Realtor® in Southern California since 1990, he has been the agent of choice for more than a thousand clients, while averaging over 50 transactions a year for nearly 30 years.

Fred is dedicated to what he does and passionate about how he does it. Author of The Third Law of Success and creator of the The ProductionModel Online Learning Course, he is the standard bearer for a new approach toward success in the real estate industry. Over the past 20+ years he has trained thousands of real estate agents how to be their best. Unique in the business of real estate sales, Fred Wilson actually walks his talk… As a Palm Springs area industry leader with a long history of success, he is the Desert connection for out-of-area agents who refer their clients to him from up and down coastal California. As a sought-after coach who specializes in the subjects of opportunity, achievement, and sales production, he is followed by real estate professionals from across the country who look to him for the example of success.

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